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Birthdate:Jul 26
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America

The name’s Stephanie. I am 25. Still living at home with my mother and brothers. I am not attending school at the moment but I do want to go back someday. I’m from Plymouth, Massachusetts. I dream of living in Boston however. I have fallen in love with the city, and The Red Sox. I love to fool around in Photoshop and just make graphics. I also like to make layouts here and there. I'm also falling in love with cooking. This Journal is Friends Only.

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And this is how it hurts when I pretend I don't feel any pain
On March 17, 2007 my father was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. He was in and out of the hospital both here and in Boston off and on. On July 19th, 2007 he lost his battle with the cancer. It was the most painful day of my life.

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