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Stephanie Suzzanne
26th-Jun-2004 12:38 am
crownedlily: (TV // That 70s Show // Jackie and Hyde 2)

Friends Only

I need more LJ friends closer to my own age. So 20 and older only. No typing in all caps, or LiKe ThIs OkAy It'S NoT CoOl. If you are immature and make fun of people don't bother to comment. Also, I'm a compulsive and obsessive person. If you can't handle that don't bother commenting. Now for me to be sure you read this. When commenting please put "really bad eggs" as the subject of the comment.

You must comment to be added. I will not add you back if you do not comment here.  Adding me for no apparent reason dose not get you added back either. I repeat you must comment to be added.

If you came looking for a layout.
You can find them over at my community

[ profile] tears_of_ruby or [ profile] freelayouts.

Text Messaging. Don't Be Rude:
Do not text my cell phone asking for layout help!! That is just rude. Post a comment on the page the layout's codes are on. Then wait for me to get back to you. I do have a life.


2nd-Jul-2005 11:59 pm (UTC) - Johnny Depp layout
Hi there!

I'd like to thank you for the instructions you posted to help with the Johnny Depp layout at the freelayouts community! I think that I finally got it right, for the most part. :) I still had a few questions, so I left a comment for you at freelayouts. It's in the middle of the thread, therefore making it easy to miss. So, that's why I'm posting here.

First of all, there's a bracket at the end of my subject lines, and when I highlighted that part, there's also one below my date. And then, when I view an entry by going through the calendar, there's a place that says "<=DaY_DATE_FORMAT", along with the brackets, right under the date. How would I go about fixing that?

Also, when viewed at 1024 by 786, is the side of the layout supposed to be purple and white on the right side, instead of just being white? I know that's probably a dumb question, but I just wanted to make sure!

And finally, the last question I have is this. Are the usernames on my friends' page supposed to be highlighted in white?

I'm sorry I'm so full of questions! But, I just love this layout and want to make sure I did everything right so that it can look the way it was intended to! :) And I wasn't sure about the best way to contact you besides posting in freelayouts (and e-mails), so that's why I posted here. I do apologize if this isn't the way you wanted to be contacted with questions.

Thank you so much for your time!
31st-Jul-2005 04:27 am (UTC) - Re: Johnny Depp layout

I'm not sure how to get ride of that bracket hmm... as for the <=DaY_DATE_FORMAT" that only showed up if I high lighted the area. And purple and white??
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